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Striped Glass Dish

Echo Glass Works

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Striped Glass Dish
yellow green and cream striped glass dish
mid century modern home decor
glass dish
glass tableware centerpiece
fused glass accent
fused glass tray
glass decorative tray
striped art glass

The perfect accent for any room, this fused glass ocher, cyan, green and cream striped rectangular curved dish is ideal for holding keys in your entryway, jewelry in the bedroom on the dresser, or in the living room as a simply chic decor piece. Not only would this look marvelous in your home, it would also make the ideal housewarming gift, wedding present, Christmas present, or birthday gift.

TECHNIQUE: In fusing, multiple pieces of glass are arranged in a pattern and heated in a kiln. This piece features a pallet in glass rods that are hand cut to create a unique custom mix of colors. These are fused into 1 piece in a kiln with temperatures approaching 1500 degrees . After cooling, the edges of this piece are ground by hand and fine-tuned. Finally the glass is laid into, or on top of a mold and heated just to the point where it “slumps” or moves with gravity when it becomes fluid with the heat, to fit the form of the mold.

DIMENSIONS: 13 1/2 inches x 5 inches x 2 1/2 inches

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