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Recycled Circle Murrini Pendant | Sterling Silver Chain

Echo Glass Works

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This gorgeous glass pendant necklace will give you the good kind of blues! Handmade using the rollup murrine technique, this is a one of a kind patterned piece of exquisite jewelry. This recycled glass pendant has a hinged sterling silver bail and an 24 inch sterling silver rectangle chain. It would truly make the perfect gift for your best girl, or even yourself!

TECHNIQUE: This shattered series, kiln formed glass pendant incorporates recycled hand-pulled murrini glass and fusing to create a one of a kind patterned piece.

Crafted over multiple firings, this piece starts as strips of colored sheet glass fused into a panel. The panel is reheated in a glass blowing studio called a “hot shop” and rolled onto a blowpipe. The molten hot glass is stretched and pulled into a rod called cane, using a classic murrini technique. This cane is chopped into pieces called murrini revealing the pattern in cross-section.

This pendant combines the fragments, chips, and slivers of glass that break off during the process of chopping murrini. What would typically be discarded is carefully sorted, cleaned and melted together in a kiln with temperatures approaching 1500 degrees. Finally, this newly cast piece is shaped by hand, then tumbled for weeks and fire polished to highlight the intricacy of this unique pendant.


Glass: 1-5/8" diameter
Sterling Silver Chain: 24"


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