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Recycled Color Shifting Glass Pendant | Sterling Silver Chain

Echo Glass Works

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This recycled oval glass pendant is made from a special color combination that changes color from purple to blue depending on the lighting: natural, incandescent, or fluorescent. Scroll through the pictures to see the changing shades! Handmade using a murrine technique, this glass pendant is so unique, it would make a wonderful addition to any glass jewelry collection. It's made from recycled translucent and opalescent glass and has a sterling silver popcorn chain that measures 18 inches and is 1.7mm thick with a sterling silver textured hinged bail.

TECHNIQUE: This shattered style recycled glass jewelry piece is made from the fragments, chips, and slivers of glass that break off during the process of chopping murrini. What would typically be swept away from underneath a chopper is carefully sorted, cleaned and recast in a kiln. Murrini comes from a glass rod called “cane” with with a pattern running through its length. The cane is cut into varying thicknesses, revealing the pattern in cross-section. When chopping murrini there are always broken bits that show parts of the pattern distorted. These pieces are fused into pieces of glass jewelry, and are ready to grind and polish by hand to highlight the intricacy of this unique piece.

DIMENSIONS & NECKLACE LENGTH: Glass Pendant: 1-7/8" x7/8" With Sterling Silver Textured Hinged Bail Sterling Silver Popcorn Chain: 18" 

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