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Hand Cut Fused Glass Panel

Echo Glass Works

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Hand Cut Fused Glass Panel
mid century modern glass panel
matte black display stand

The perfect accent piece for any room in your home, this fused glass, hand cut from sheet glass, Mid-Century Modern decorative panel in blue, green, and white would look simply stylish displayed in your home. 

TECHNIQUE: In fusing, multiple pieces of glass are arranged in a pattern and heated in a kiln. This piece features a series of glass shapes cut by hand and arranged on top of sheet glass. These shapes are stacked one on top of the other in a way that when the glass melts and flows out and a new pattern is formed. After cooling, the edges of this piece are ground by hand and fine-tuned. Finally the glass is laid into, or on top of a mold and heated just to the point where it “slumps” or moves with gravity when it becomes fluid with the heat, to fit the form of the mold. Although these methods may sound simple, the intricate designs can take hours, days or sometimes even weeks, depending on the level of complexity to cut and construct. 

DIMENSIONS: 8-inches x 7.75-inches x 1.25-inches - Includes matte black powder coated metal easel stand for display

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