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Blown Glass Cylinder Vase

Echo Glass Works

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Blown Glass Vase
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Simply elegant and a must-have for your home, this green blown glass vase with blue tiger stripes is the perfect vessel for holding pretty yellow tulips in the spring time, fragrant white roses in the summer, and colorful chrysanthemum's in the fall. This glass art green vase would make the perfect wedding gift, a house warming gift, or birthday gift.

Approximately 9 1/2 inches x 4 1/4 inches, no matter what you put in this pretty green fused glass vase or where you put it, it will surely look fabulous in your home.

TECHNIQUE: Created in multiple stages with hot and cold work, this piece begins by creating a blank. This involves blowing a small, thick bubble of glass, often around the size of a toy football, and overlaying it with layers of different colored hot glass. After the blank is cooled, patterns are drawn onto it and are masked off. Then, the pattens are carved into the blank by sandblasting through the layers of color. The upper color is carved away, exposing the color underneath, creating a relief design. The blank is reheated, attached to the blowpipe and coated with more layers of clear and then blown into its final enlarged size.

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