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Furnace Sculpted Glass Paperweight

Echo Glass Works

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orange blue red art glass paperweight
spiral ribbon paperweight
clear glass with blue center paperweight
round glass paperweight
round glass paperweight
glass ribbon paperweight
Art Glass Paperweight
Art Glass Paperweight
Decorative Accent Paperweight
furnace sculpted glass paperweight
Furnace Glass paperweight
This beautiful furnace sculpted glass paperweight is clear with orange and red swirls around a blue center. The paperweight would be a beautiful addition to any office or room as decor for your end table, coffee table or desk. The multi-color palette is amazing and makes the paperweight stand out - a perfect small gift for anyone for any occasion or holiday!

DIMENSIONS: 2 3/4" diameter x 1 3/4" tall

TECHNIQUE: This paperweight begins with a tank of molten clear glass at temperatures above 2000ºF. Clear glass is gathered on the end of a blow pipe and rolled in small grains of colored glass called frit. Multiple layers of colors are applied in-between layers of clear glass. The colorful swirl is made with thin strings of hand pulled colored glass before twisting and encasing it in a top layer of clear.

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