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Diamond Murrini Glass Pendant | Wire Chain

Echo Glass Works

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large fused glass pendant
large green and white pendant on gold chain
large green and white glass pendant
green and white diamond shaped pendant
pendant necklace
diamond shaped murrini glass pendant
diamond-shaped pendant

This pine green glass pendant necklace is absolutely striking and would be an amazing addition to any glass jewelry collection. Handmade using the pattern bar technique, this glass pendant is also reversible. It's made from translucent and opalescent glass and has a gold, 5-strand plastic coated stainless steel wire choker-style necklace. It would truly make the perfect gift for your best girl, or even yourself!

TECHNIQUE: Crafted over multiple firings, this glass pendant begins as various colors of sheet glass cut into strips, arranged in a pattern, and melted together in a glass blowing studio called a “hot shop”. The glass is heated on a blowpipe to temperatures exceeding 1600 degrees. Once the glass starts to melt and is malleable, it’s shaped, stretched, and pulled into a long glass rod, called cane. This cane has the original pattern running through its length.

This cane is cut into small pieces of varying thicknesses, revealing the pattern in cross-section. These pieces, called murrini, are placed in a mold, then melted in a kiln, and fused into a solid shape. This cast piece is carved by hand and then tumbled for weeks, creating a unique satin finish. Finally this piece is paired with the perfect bail and chain to highlight the beauty and intricacy of this unique piece.

Glass: 1-¼" x 1"
5 Wire Chain: 18"

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