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Kiln Formed Glass Bowl

Echo Glass Works

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lue and White Retro Patterned Glass Bowl

This gorgeous glass bowl is sure to be a conversation piece! The modern blue and pale gray design was handmade using opalescent glass and was kiln cast. This bowl can be used as a display piece, or as a serving bowl. It is food safe but should be hand washed.

TECHNIQUE: Crafted over multiple firings, this piece starts as sheet glass cut into strips and fused together into a patterned bar in a kiln. This bar is cut into pieces and these pieces are places on end in a mold and fired in a kiln with temperatures approaching 1550 degrees until all of the pieces flow together and fill the negative space and are fully fused into one piece.

After cooling, the edges of this piece are ground by hand and fine-tuned. Finally the glass is laid into, or on top of a mold and heated just to the point where it “slumps” or moves with gravity when it becomes fluid with the heat, to fit the form of the mold.

DIMENSIONS: 8-1/4" X 2-1/4"

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