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Circle Murrini Glass Pendant | Stainless Steel Chain

Echo Glass Works

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Glass pendant necklace
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This blue glass pendant necklace is made from opalescent fused glass using the murrine technique. The open bezel-set pendant also has a stainless steel necklace that measures 20 inches, and a sterling silver setting.

TECHNIQUE: This piece of jewelry begins as various colors of sheet glass cut into strips, arranged in a pattern, and melted together in a glass blowing studio called a “hot shop”. The glass is heated on a blowpipe to temperatures exceeding 1600 degrees. When the glass is hot enough and is moving, it’s shaped, stretched, and pulled into a long glass rod. This rod has the original pattern running through its length.

After cooling the rod is sliced into varying thicknesses, revealing the pattern in cross-section. These pieces, called murrini, are placed in a mold and melted again and are kilncast into a solid shape. Finally, the piece is carved to fit its bezel setting and polished by hand to highlight the intricacy of this unique piece.

DIMENSIONS & NECKLACE LENGTH: Glass: 3/4" diameter, with Setting: 1" diameter, Stainless Steel Chain: 20"

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