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Blue Hand Blown Glass Decorative Vase
patterned glass vase
blown glass vase
art glass vessel
 blown glass vase
glass accent piece

This elegant blown glass vase in shades of blue with darker blue swirl details is the perfect accent piece for any room in your home.

This work of art is approximately 8.75 inches tall x 4.75 inches wide and is well-suited for displaying on an etagere, credenza, or mahogany built-in hutch. This mid century inspired glass art blue vase would make the perfect wedding gift, a housewarming gift, or birthday gift.

TECHNIQUE: This vase began with a tank of molten clear glass at temperature above 2000ºF. Clear glass is gathered on the end of a blow pipe and is blown into a small bubble. Multiple colors are applied to this bubble in-between layers of clear glass. The colorful swirl around the center of the piece is made from chips and offcuts of recycled color from other projects, that would otherwise be disposed of. This color was gathered, applied, and twisted by hand before encasing it in a top layer of clear. Finally this glass is blown and shaped into its final vase form using traditional glassblowing tools & techniques.

Made from 20% recycled glass.

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