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Kiln Formed Glass Plate

Echo Glass Works

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The perfect accent piece for any room in your home, this pretty fused glass, mid-century modern inspired plate with aqua translucent glass and a geometric patterned stripe, would look simply stylish displayed on a bookcase, credenza, or console table in your entryway.

TECHNIQUE: This piece features a combination of handmade murrini and cut pieces of colored sheet glass. Murrini refers to the pattern stripe in this piece as well as the technique used to make it.

Murrini begins with sheets of colored glass that are cut into strips. These strips are stacked together forming a pattern bar. The pattern bar is wired together and heated in a glass blowing studio. The bar is first heated in a kiln and then picked up on the end of a glass blow pipe. Slowly the bar is heated and shaped until all of the strips of sheet glass are melted together becoming molten hot. Then the bar is stretched like taffy into a rod called cane. The pattern runs through the length of this cane. The cane is cut into small pieces which are the Murrini and they reveal the pattern in cross section . The murrini pieces are arranged in a pattern and fused together in a kiln. This fused piece is combined with pieces of colored sheet glass and again fused together forming this plate .

After cooling, the edges of this piece are ground and polished by hand. Finally the glass is placed on top of a mold and heated just to the point where it “slumps” or sags with heat and gravity to fit the form of the mold.

DIMENSIONS: 9 1/4 inches x 8 1/2 inches x 1 1/4 inches

Black Matte Plate Stand is not included.

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