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Glass Bowl Centerpiece

Echo Glass Works

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Glass Bowl Centerpiece
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murrini glass table centerpiece
bullseye glass bowl
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mid century modern decor
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kiln formed decorative glass
This gorgeous black & white bullseye glass bowl would make the perfect centerpiece on any table top. Made from fused glass, the black and white pattern creates a mesmerizing design that will add a touch of beauty to any room it's placed in.

TECHNIQUE: This piece begins as black and white sheet glass cut into strips, arranged in a pattern, and melted together in a glass blowing studio called a “hot shop”. The glass is heated on a blowpipe to temperatures exceeding 1600 degrees. Once the glass is molten, it’s shaped, stretched, and pulled into a long glass rod. This rod, called cane, has the original pattern running through its length.

This cane is cut into small pieces of varying thicknesses, revealing the pattern in cross-section. These pieces, called murrini, are each ground and polished by hand then arranged and tack fused in a kiln. This means the glass is partially melted, just enough to fuse together but not heated hot enough to melt completely and change the shape of the individual murrini.

Finally the glass is placed on top of a mold and heated just to the point when it begins to move with gravity and slumps into the shape of the mold.

DIMENSIONS: 8-¼" x 1-¾"

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